How We're Helping

Making A Difference

  • In 2004, our 1st year of operation, we distributed over 9600 lbs. of venison
  • In 2005 we were able to deliver more than 37,000 lbs of venison
  • In 2006 we delivered more than 46,700 lbs of venison
  • In 2007 we delivered more than 39,000 lbs of venison
  • In 2008, we delivered 32,050 pounds of venison
  • In 2009, we delivered 14,844 pounds of venison
  • In 2010, we delivered 22,263 pounds of venison
  • In 2011, we delivered 22,226 pounds of venison
  • In 2012, we delivered 28,975 pounds of venison
  • In 2013, we delivered 30,245 pounds of venison
  • In 2013 we also delivered 50,750 lbs. of perishable and non perishable food items, along with assorted household and hygiene items.
  • In 2014 we delivered over 10,000 lbs. of venison
  • In 2015 we delivered over 26,000 lbs. of venison and wild hog meat
  • In 2016 we delivered 48,500 pounds of venison

Annually we deliver over 50,000 lbs. of perishable and non perishable food staples along with household and personal hygiene items.

In our 12 years of being in operation we have delivered nearly 1,500,000 meals to needy families and charities in the upstate."

Only with your help can we continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us.
Please consider not only donating your deer, but also a portion of the processing fees.

Charities donated to by South Carolina Hunters
and Landowners for the Hungry in 2014

Church of God Cowpens Food Bank, Cannons Camp Ground United Methodist Church, John Smiths
Hill, Emmanuel Full Gospel, Una First Freewill Baptist Church, Total Ministries, Mobile Meals, Miracle Hill Ministries, First Baptist Church Food Bank, 2nd Presbyterian Soup Kitchen, Divinity Care Facility, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Arch Shelter Youth Center, New Pleasant Baptist Church, Closet of Grace, Church Builders Outreach, Greater Spartanburg Ministries, Helping Hands, Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church, Christian Faith Assembly, Healing Ground, and The Haven, Seeds of Hope Ministry, Restoration Church, Montgomery Memorial United Methodist Church and Church of God Food Bank, Spartanburg Soup Kitchen,
New Victory Outreach Prison Ministries,
Family Resource Center of Boiling Springs

Laurens Piedmont American Indian Association, Open Door in Clinton, Laurens Baptist Crisis Center, Laurens County Safe Homes, Upstate Homeless Coalition, and United Ministries

Temple Grain Ministries, Senior Citizens of Cherokee County, Salvation Army Church, Peach Center Ministries, Iron City Ministries, Indian Hill Soup Kitchen and Food Bank, Harbor Of Hope Mission, Blacksburg Church, Misso-Hungry Food Pantry, and Gaffney Soup Kitchen

Upstate Homeless Coalition, Miracle Hill Ministries, Reedy Place Upstate Homeless, and Center For Community Services

Trinity Baptist Church, Potter's House, New life Baptist Church, Jacobs Well Mission, Union Food Bank, and The Pinckney Street Soup Kitchen, Potters House and Union County Council on Aging
Making a Difference Network-Riverside Baptist Church, Nichols Store, Inc.
Making a Difference Network


SC Hunters for the Hungry
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